Medicare – Chronic Disease Management Plan

Chronic Disease Management

The Chronic Disease Management (CDM) allow GPs to provide patients with chronic or terminal medical conditions who require multidisciplinary team-based care from a GP and at least two other health care providers.

A chronic medical condition is one that has been ongoing for at least 6 months or longer, for example musculoskeletal conditions/pain, diabetes, asthma and cardiovascular diseases. There is no eligible list of conditions.

Who is eligible?

Anyone with a chronic medical condition is eligible for the CDM. The GP is required to make a clinical judgement by taking into account the patient’s medical history and whether a multidisciplinary team-based approach is necessary before providing the referral.

Your GP may refer you up to 5 individual services in a calendar year.

Exercise Physiology services can be claimed under Medicare if your GP refers you to us for a CDM under a GP management plan. For more information, please contact us or your GP.

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