Exercise Physiology For Veteran Community

Integrated Fitness offers Exercise Physiology services to Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) eligible persons for continuous improvement of all areas of health care. Exercise physiology is a critical clinical care intervention to manage chronic disease and help individuals recover from major illness or injury.

Which Patients Are Eligible?

Patients who have been elected to be treated under DVA arrangements and hold a current Gold Card; or a White Card; or written authorisation on behalf of a Commission.
Please note: Treatment, regardless of eligibility, must be based on assessed clinical need.


An entitled person is required to have referral in order to obtain exercise physiology services. The referral can come from:
  • a Local Medical Officers (LMO);
  • a General Practitioner (GP);
  • a medical specialist;
  • another exercise physiologist who has a current referral and is transferring the entitled person;
  • a hospital discharge planner; or
  • a treating doctor in a hospital.
However, the referral must be written on either a DVA Request/Referral Form (Form D904) or official practitioners letterhead or referral pad. All referrals must include:
  • the name of the entitled person to whom the services will be provided;
  • the DVA file number of the entitled person;
  • the referrers health care provider number (or hospitals provider number if discharge referral);
  • the date of referral; and
  • the condition to be treated.

Exercise Physiology Intervention

Integrated Fitness Exercise Physiologists deliver best practice in comprehensive, integrated and cooperative approach to the continuous improvement of all areas of health care delivery to the eligible patients. The treatment process is entirely patient focused according to patient assessments and clinical needs. Upon attending the clinic, all patients receive an exercise prescription that is particularly tailored to suit their individual needs in management of their health conditions.

Professional Recognition

All Integrated Fitness Exercise Physiologists conducting services are approved by Medicare Australia and meet competencies to deliver treatment services to DVA eligible persons.


Our Exercise Physiology services offered to eligible DVA patients are mainly carried out in our Head Centre and also offered in home visits, nursing homes, public hospitals and senior citizen centers.We also offer mobile services by home visits, nursing homes and public hospitals.

Further Information

Please visit or contact DVA web home page www.dva.gov.au

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